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Extending Hands: Another RTUGAAI Extension Service

Extending Hands: Another RTUGAAI Extension Service

RTU- Grand Alumni Association made a generous donation of books and school supplies to Bobonaon Primary School in Mainit Surigao Del Norte last September 13, 2016. The donation consisted of a wide variety of school supplies, books including 1 set of encyclopedia, and 30 P.E uninforms to promote physical wellness and education amongst the pupils of the school.

Mr. Mark Roy Boado, President of the RTUGAAI, 2Lt. Jovito Castro and Jam Castro were among the people who made the event possible. Much to the appreciation of administrators of the learning institute, the event became successful as it helps those kids and the school to build their library.

Mr. Boado mentioned that the GAAI wants to do its part in helping to provide the basic tools children in the community need to learn and equip them for the future.

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