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CBET Alumni Council Strategic Planning and Team-Building

CBET Alumni Council Strategic Planning and Team-Building

The newly elected officers of College of Business and Entrepreneurial Technology Alumni Association (CBETAA) have conducted their Strategic Planning and Team Building Activity last May 27-28, 2017 at Pardomini Resort, Calamba Laguna. This is a two day event allotted by the officers for, brainstorming, conceptualizing and planning where they discussed and argued to set goals and objectives for the benefits of their members of Association.

Strategic plans play a pivotal role to the execution of well operations of the organization. The officers of the Association firmly believing that through this activity, they will implement beneficial programs and projects for their members. During the deliberation of the proposed programs and projects, the officers seriously assessed the concepts before the proper voting for approval. The following are the approved concepts of programs and projects to be implemented of for the first year of their term:

Building Emotional Connections among Members through Facebook Marketing Campaigns

By current status, the Association has two existing facebook account. The said accounts are active and these could probably bring big help to the dissemination of information and important announcements relative to the undertakings of CBETAA. Since the members of the Association are situated outside the University, facebook page and other means of social media will help the officers and their members to become connected.

This project aims to build emotional connections among members so they will be associated with the incoming projects of CBETAA.

RTU-CBETAA Car Stickers

This project as part of the Association’s initiative aims to distribute stickers for CBET Alumni for their vehicle. The officers would resemble this concept because they are focus on building emotional connections between Association and members. One of the reasons behind this initiative is that the officers would aim to place appreciation, satisfaction and honor among members of CBETAA.

Book Donations

The officers decided to adopt the proposal instead of giving scholarship grant because RTU has a lot of scholarship programs for the students. RTUGAAI has one and the CBET Association would like to support the students who have difficulties acquiring different materials for his/her course as long as the students are qualified to the qualifications established by CBETAA.

Free Seminars and Convention for Members

This is to gather the members through convention or free seminar to be conducted by the officers. The aim of this undertaking is to have an updates regarding raw data of the members including status of their employment and analysis of their needs as CBET Alumni members that will serves as well as tracer study of the Association. Free seminars will be related to their career of course that will help them develop more to their respective career.

Extension Services

Part of the strategic plans of the Association is to have their extension programs for the selected society. The officers agreed that as Association that concern with the development of its members should also be concern with different stakeholders surrounds them. Specific plans for extension services programs should further be elaborated to the set meetings of the team.

Strengthen Partnership through implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality governance is not only organization-focus but it should portray qualities of being socially responsible association. The CBETAA aims to strengthen partnership through implementation of their social responsibilities. More associations in the country are responsible in doing the same, the reason for the officers to take those opportunities to have partnership with such for advocating these good initiatives.

Disco Zumba

The CBET Alumni Association would like to give emphasis as well in terms of health. This is the rationale behind the approval of this concept. Nowadays, people most specifically young professionals are connected with enjoyable habit. They are associating themselves to parties, disco, and other the same activities. The officers would like to innovate the concept of finding happiness by incorporating Zumba (health concern) to disco (happiness oriented) program.

Uniform Polo Shirt for Officers and their Members

Uniform is for identity and means of promoting an institution. The officers of the Alumni Association of CBET would like to emphasize that they are really concern with putting the association up to the next level.

This project would also help the Association to raise budget which will be utilize for the execution of other relevant programs.

The College of Business and entrepreneurial Technology Alumni Association believes that a great leader of an institution is not only focus on the organization itself but with all stakeholders associated to it. Programs and projects are important for the satisfaction of the regular members and this satisfaction may lead the organization to the desire achievement of their pre-determined goals and objectives.

This strategic planning and team building activities delivered the alumni association of the CBET to expand their willingness to a great desire of satisfaction for one and all.