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Welcome to the RTU - Grand Alumni Association Inc Website!

Mark Roy Boado

Mark Roy Boado



This is one of the efforts realized by the present administration of the Association in its desire to inform the public especially the members about the relevant information and what's happening to our beloved institution.

In this modest platform, you will be abreast of the up to date programs, activities and events of the Association. Also, you can interact with us by sharing your honest views and comments in our dealings and transactions.

As we introduce you in this innovation, expect more projects that we conceptualized and prepared to serve you better so as to achieve the quality benefits that we can offer to all our members!

With this, we encourage all you to participate in our plans and share the same to all your friends who have the same passion to virtually visit our beloved alma mater.

Keep in touch!

Mabuhay Rizal Tech Graduates!