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RTUGAAI Board Meets Deans and Alumni Coordinators

RTUGAAI Board Meets Deans and Alumni Coordinators

The RTU Grand Alumni Association Incorporated conducted a Luncheon meeting with the dean and the alumni coordinators, held at the Blue Room of Rizal Technological University last March 9, 2016. With the full participation of the RTUGAAI Board and of the University President, Dr. Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres, the event became truly a success.

A presentation of the accomplished programs and projects such as: Team Building and Planning seminar; Distribution of Souvenir Glasses to the Board Passers and Awarding of Incentive to Board Top notchers; The Donation of “Rizal’s Bust” in RTU-Pasig; Donation and Purchased of Additional Computers to RTU; The Acquisition of ID Printers; The Gift Giving and Christmas Party 2015; and Creation of the GAAI Facebook page were the highlighted matter in the said meeting.

In addition to the technical meeting and announcements of GAAI accomplished events, other highlights of the events include the presentation of the upcoming programs and project of the GAAI; signing of Clearance for ARO; and a presentation of the processing of ID for Graduating Students of RTU.

Upcoming programs includes: GAAI Scholarship Programs for 2016; Sports Fest; Coffee Table Book; Golf Tournament; Alumni Fun Run; Creation of College Alumni Associations; and the Appropriation of Funds for College Alumni Associations. GAAI is committed on giving its best to the betterment of the alumni organization and quality education of the school.

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