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Batch 84 SHAPE UP is BACK!!

Batch 84 SHAPE UP is BACK!!

This is the theme of the Zumba Dance fitness sponsored by the Officers of Batch 1984 of the Laboratory High School in cooperation with RTU Grand Alumni Association, Inc.

The event was held last September 25, 2016 at 7 o’clock in the morning at the ground floor of the Neptali Gonzales Building.

Nazaren S. Villanueva provided the sound system and snacks for the participants. Most of the attendees came prepared for the event and were all in zumba outfits. Batchmate Ms. Che lighten up the mood of the occasion by warming up the attendees to the tune of throwback music of the 1990’s. Everyone enjoyed and sweat it out for the 2-hour non-stop dance and laughter.

The complete list of Batch ’84 LHS Officers

President Nazaren S.Villanueva
Vice President Cesar P. Ignacio
Treasurer Gina I. Mendoza
Rescue Aquino
Coordinator Allan “Yuki” Cruz
Nancy Pinto
Muse Joy S. Nanzan
Escort Cesar Ignacio
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