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CEIT Basketball Event

CEIT Basketball Event

The CEIT alumni Officers join the RTU community in celebrating the 47th Foundation last October 14, 2016 by having a tune-up basketball match with their former professors.

The game was supposed to start at 5:00 p.m. but due to some conflicts in the schedules it was reset earlier at 3p.m.

On the other hand, CEIT faculty members were too tired to play since earlier at 9am most of them played in the ADFA Basketball tournament.

CEIT coordinators, Mam Dolly Cruz and Sir Noel Binag requested for the use of the RTU gymnasium. President Dr. Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres approved with the condition that the game is to be done during weekdays only.

Top scorers for the Alumni includes Engr. Ricardo Fernandez (CEITAA VP Internal, Part time faculty ME Department) and Lorenzo V. Aspa IV, Civil Engineering graduate.

The following is the line-up of CEIT Faculty but some did not played due to prior activities:

  1. Leonardo Bascao
  2. Gerry Cabrera
  3. Edwin Purisima
  4. Ricardo Martinez
  5. Ros Amar
  6. Jaymer Punzalan
  7. Rodolfo Duremdes
  8. Arnold Llagas
  9. Odilon Yangco

During the game, the following Alumni played:

Ricardo Fernandez, Lorenzo Aspa IV, Ian Vargas, Engr. Bolaños, Mr. Velasquez, and John Francis Lorenciana.

Despite limited substitution due to lack of players, the CEIT Alumni emerged as winners after 4 full quarters with the final score of 106-55.

The CEIT Alumni Association is preparing for the Inter-department Basketball tournament to be joined by the different players of all nine (9) departments of CEIT.

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