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The RTUGAAI recognizes and celebrates innovation, creativity and exceptional leadership of those graduates who inspire others through their local, national and international achievements. Award winners and finalists are leaders in their fields who have strived to make a positive contribution to their profession and communities. They embody the spirit of true RTU alumni, and the awards celebrate their academic achievements, community engagement over and above their course requirements, and notable service to the University.

Selection Procedure

Individuals, alumni clubs, and constituent associations may make nominations. Nomination forms were supplied by the RTUGAAI Program and Awards committee (available as hardcopy in RTUGAAI Office or download at or

The nomination forms may be submitted at any time; however, they must be completed in their entirety and be received at the RTUGAAI Office on or before March 31, 2017. The referee must ensure the completeness of all documents required as stated in the guidelines otherwise the nominee will not be considered.

The RTUGAAI Program and Awards committee shall review the nominations and endorse candidates to the RTUGAAI Board of Directors who will then finalize the list of award recipients.

Recipients will be recognized each year at the Grand Alumni Awards starting in the year 2017.


The RTUGAAI Achievement Awards are presented to an alumnus/alumna who has demonstrated the high ideals imparted by the Rizal Technological University’s education through significant lifetime contributions in different category.

Nominated alumni must meet the following qualifications on top of the specific criteria per awards:

  • Must be an RTU graduate.
  • Someone who has achieved distinction through exceptional contribution to our international, national, state, or community welfare.
  • Relevant contribution(s) may occur in a single year or over a span of years, preferably extending into the year of selection.
  • Recognized within her/his field as a leader.
  • Professional reputation and integrity and have not been found guilty of any administrative or criminal offense involving moral turpitude.

All RTU officials/employees and RTU GAAI officers are not allowed to participate in all categories below.

Balangay Award (Public Service Award Of Excellence)

This award is given to honor individuals who make outstanding contributions and whose accomplishments can be viewed as models of public service within and outside the work environment.

Award winners are selected from all levels of public service - local, state, international, and public service nonprofit organizations.

Nominated alumni must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be an RTU graduate.
  • Recognized by their peers as having demonstrated humanitarian service that has enhanced the lives of others.
  • Have rendered at least six (6) years of continuous public service
  • Consistent excellence in the performance of their duties.
  • Demonstrated leadership and transparency in the management of human resources.
  • Made a significant contribution to the field of public service through outstanding performance and impact on the delivery of public services.

Magnifico Award (Young Alumnus/a Excellence In Achievement Award)

This award honors a younger alumnus/a with accomplishments of significant importance at an early stage of his/her career

Nominated alumni must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be an RTU graduate.
  • An alumnus/alumna fewer than five (5) years out (preferably an alumni aged 35 and younger).
  • Someone who has accomplished early success in one or more fields of endeavor which augers well for future leadership and accomplishment.
  • An inspiration to the community.

Maestro Award (Excellence in Teaching Award)

Presented to alumni teachers in recognition for their leadership, classroom practice, and unwavering belief in the potential for all children to succeed

Nominated alumni must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have rendered at least ten (10) years of teaching.
  • Committed to, and demonstrated, positive leadership attributes in guiding an individual or group.
  • Someone who has made a significant and beneficial impact in the lives of others through active guidance and mentoring.
  • An individual who has accomplished this service in either a professional or volunteer capacity
  • Population of the institution served must be at least three hundred (300) students.

Likha Award (Entrepreneurial Award)

Presented to an alumnus/a who best exemplifies the ideals of entrepreneurship by starting and successfully managing one or more businesses in a way that demonstrates notable entrepreneurial characteristics and achievements.

Nominated alumni must meet the following qualifications:

  • At least ten (10) years in the business.
  • Recognized as an entrepreneur by others.
  • Mid-career or older.
  • Currently engaged in a leadership role in a social or business venture.
  • Demonstrates strong Entrepreneurial Mindset: creative approaches, willingness to take risks, engages others, faces ambiguity with enthusiasm, and leads others to new achievements.
  • Demonstrates Innovation: The Candidate has transformed traditional practice through an innovative product, service, approach or a more rigorous application of known technologies and ideas.
  • Has had an impact on the community, industry, employees and/or alma mater.

Pundasyon Award (Excellence in Engineering Award)

An alumnus/a of the University who have demonstrated professionalism and pursuit of excellence in the science and practice of engineering in their respective disciplines:

Nominated alumni must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have at least ten (10) years of work experience.
  • Have substantial professional experience with progressive upward movement.
  • Have contributed to the professional development of fellow engineers.
  • Have interaction with the society and should have contributed to its development.

Saligan Award (Excellence in Mentoring Award)

Presented to all full time retired professors of Rizal Technological University who have demonstrated concern and support on the personal development of students.

The nominated mentor must meet the following qualifications:

  • Candidates must be nominated by a former student of RTU. The former student must have been taught by the candidate.
  • Facilitates students in acquiring the skills and resources needed to succeed as scholars and professionals;
  • Demonstrate concern and support on the personal development of students;
  • Sponsor for student in the academic/professional community;
  • Successful role model;
  • Encourage students to develop individual talents and strengths by acting as an advisor and guide in research;
  • Majority of his life time has been dedicated in teaching at Rizal Technological University

RTUista Award (Most outstanding Alumni Award)

This is the highest award given to an Alumnus/a who—in addition to qualifying in any of the above awards’ category.

e.g., if s/he achieved distinction in multiple professional fields or areas of endeavor, or made a clearly greater qualitative or quantitative impact than other awardees in her/his profession or areas of endeavor.

In addition, the nominee must have attained national, and possibly international, prestige that has brought honor and distinction to the University and the country. Only the nominated alumnus/a in the different awards’ categories are qualified for this award.


  1. Accomplished nomination form [Download Here]
  2. Supporting Letter
  3. Supplementary documents that convey the importance of the nominee’s work such as awards, copies of diplomas, certificates, citations and news clippings.
  4. Photograph (preferably a head shot) of the candidate

*All documents must be submitted in duplicate paper copies. Nominators may also opt to send an electronic or digital version of these materials (i.e., in the form of an email attachment).

Room 2005 2nd floor Neptali Gonzales Main Academic Building Rizal Technological University, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Philippines
Phone # (02) 634-9713


  1. The RTUGAAI Programs and Awards committee will post an announcement on searching for outstanding alumni every first week of January.
  2. The nomination period will run for 3 months. The nomination form and supporting documents may be sent to the following:
    1. For hard copies: Alumni Office
    2. For digital copies:
  3. Upon receiving the nominations, the RTUGAAI P&A committee will confirm the completion of all required documents. The nominator may be advised in the event that the committee needs additional information or documents.
  4. RTU GAAI P&A committee will perform a cross-check of the nominee’s identity in the alumni database and will proceed to nomination’s criteria validation.
  5. The committee will endorse the top four candidates for each award categories to the RTUGAAI Board of Directors.
  6. The RTUGAAI Board of Directors will then rank the endorsed candidates based on their achievements and contributions. Only one will be awarded in each award categories. In case of tie, the RTUGAAI Board of Directors will conduct a voting process. Those candidates that were not been selected will kept for future reference.
  7. The most outstanding alumnus/alumna will be determined based on the significance of their achievements and contributions. Only the top 1 candidate in each award and those candidates that were nominated in two or more categories are qualified for this award. In case of tie, the RTUGAAI Board of Directors will conduct a voting process.
  8. The most outstanding alumnus/alumna’s position in the category award will be given to the second ranking candidate. The candidates who are not chosen retain their ranks in their respective award categories.
  9. The RTUGAAI Board of Directors will submit the final list of award recipients to the P&A committee.
  10. The RTU GAAI P&A committee will send invitations to all awardees and nominees. The awards will be given during the grand alumni home coming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See answers to frequently asked questions below. Can’t find the information you need? Contact the RTUGAAI at (02) 634-9713 or for Program and Awards support.

What are the eligibility and criteria?

Each alumni award has its own specific criteria for selection. Criteria is listed by award category here

Please be sure to enclose complete documents stated in the guidelines. The nominee with incomplete requirements will not be considered.Please be sure to enclose complete documents stated in the guidelines. The nominee with incomplete requirements will not be considered.

When can I nominate?

Nominations are open from February 1 to March 31, 2017 only.

How do I decide which award category to nominate for?

The award categories can be found here

How long are nominations kept active?

Nominations will remain in the nominee pool for three years. After three years, the individual's nomination must be resubmitted for consideration.

What does a supporting letter need to include?

The supporting letter should be written to allow a greater understanding of the nominee’s achievements and impact and discuss specific examples of both. The referee should make clear their connection with the nominee and state their full contact details, including phone and email.

Can an individual receive multiple awards?

Yes, as long as they are in different categories in different years.

How are the award recipients selected?

The RTUGAAI Program and Awards committee will deliberate on all nominations to select the worthiest recipients while ensuring the Alumni Awards represent the diversity of achievements and contributions by the Rizal Technology graduates. Final decision of who will be the award recipients are made by the RTUGAAI Board of Directors.

Should nominators or references inform the nominee of the nomination?

To avoid disappointment and to respect the privacy of the people consulted, the RTUGAAI Program and Awards committee will keep nominations confidential, and we recommend that nominees not be advised of their nomination.

When will the recipients be announced?

The RTUGAAI Program and Awards committee will immediately notify the awardee of his/her selection for the award. If the recipient choses to accept, he/she will receive further information regarding the award presentation from the RTUGAAI Office; and those who made nominations will receive notification of the award recipients.

For nominees who are not selected to receive an award this year, only the nominator will be contacted.

How will the recipients be recognized?

Recipients must agree to attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming in order to be recognized and receive the award. In the event that the selected recipient cannot attend, the nominee will be considered for the following year. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the RTUGAAI Board of Directors for reasons such as illness or infirmity.